Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice at HFC offers programs leading to the associate degree and certificates in Law Enforcement and Corrections/ Probation and Parole. Criminal Justice classes provide an understanding of crime and public safety, the rights of citizens and the methods of law enforcement and the correctional system.

Criminal Justice Programs Descriptions

Criminal Justice - Corrections/Probation and Parole Certificate

Criminal Justice - Corrections/Probation and Parole Associate Degree

Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Associate Degree

Full-time Faculty

Peter Cravens, J.D
Office: L – 113 Liberal Arts Bldg.
(313) 845-6437

Daniel Kearney, M.P.A
Office: L – 105 Liberal Arts Bldg.
(313) 845-9714

Greg Osowski, M.A
Office: L – 109E Liberal Arts Bldg.
CRJ Program Director
(313) 845-9859

Part-time Faculty

Daniel Alder, M.P.A.
Geoffory Bondy, M.P.A.
Gail Copeland, M.P.A.
Penelope Dunn, M.S.
David Cannon, J.D.
Glenn Harper, M.P.A
Daniel Lemisch, J.D
Kelli Marks, M.S.W.
Johnny May, M.S.
Michael Petri, M.P.A.
Tammy Sandoval, M.S.
Allan Skrocki, M.L.S.